After the war
When the guns have fallen silent
Veterans have to readjust
Use it, and SHOW YOU CARE

Are you a Ukrainian Patriot? Say so with your Email.

Register and run it through your EXISTING Gmail or Hotmail account. For each $10 subscription fee we give 75% to Patriot Defence, a charity helping Ukrainian soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress.
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By using the Email address you are telling the world who you are. You are demonstrating that you are part of a community which has contributed to help address an important issue in Ukraine.
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#CrowdFunding for good causes is at the heart of the Statement Email concept. 75% of your registration fee goes toward programmes that help soldiers overcome the trauma of war.
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Your address runs through your current Email system, and is designed to work with that system, not as an alternative to it. Keep the system you like using, just have something relevant after the @!

About Statement Email

It’s simple, Crowd Funding! We all have an Email address. The part after the @ usually tells people the name of your company or the name of the Email service provider you use. Why not utilise that space to say something relevant? What if you could say something relevant AND demonstrate that you have contributed to a worthy cause? Statement Email does not compete with your current Email system. We are not Google – we think they’re...

About Ukrainian

Since the onset of war in Ukraine’s eastern regions, thousands of patriots have taken up arms to defend their land and defend their countrymen. Most people will never experience the horrors of war, but for those who have, there is a question of how they can return to their normal lives, their families, and their jobs. 500 Ukrainian heroes have taken their own lives since they have left military is another way you can help meet an important need, and, SHOW YOU CARE.

About transparency!

It’s important you know that your donation is going to be spent wisely and handled transparently. So here are three key things for you to understand. Patriot Defence is a well-respected charity. It was established by Marko and Ulana Suprun as the invasion of eastern Ukraine began. In the early days they focused on delivering battlefield first aid training courses and providing NATO standard first aid kits to troops deploying to the ...


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