About transparency!


It’s important you know that your donation is going to be spent wisely and handled transparently. So here are three key things for you to understand. Patriot Defence is a well-respected charity. It was established by Marko and Ulana Suprun as the invasion of eastern Ukraine began. In the early days they focused on delivering battlefield first aid training courses and providing NATO standard first aid kits to troops deploying to the frontlines. They are admired and trusted by the military, and are the perfect organisation to lead a post-service rehabilitation programme.
The company auditing all transactions related to Statement Email is Deloitte. Every donation through every registration is counted and all monies are passed on. No ifs, no buts, no excuses, no alternatives. This is 100% guaranteed.
Why the charitable donation percentage is 75% is a good question. Compared to many agents collecting monies for charity, that figure is already respectable, but we want to increase it. In conjunction with our accountants, we are aiming to increase the efficiencies of our operations, reduce overhead, and with that increase the percentage we donate from each subscription in the future.