Since the onset of war in Ukraine’s eastern regions, thousands of patriots have taken up arms to defend their land and defend their countrymen. Most people will never experience the horrors of war, but for those who have, there is a question of how they can return to their normal lives, their families, and their jobs. Five hundred Ukrainian heroes have taken their own lives since they have left military service, while many more are finding the readjustment difficult, and it affects not just them but their families also.
In partnership with Patriot Defence, we want to make the rehabilitation of Ukraine’s veterans a priority – to help them return to civilian life, to thank them for their service. Seventy-five percent of your $10 registration fee goes directly to Patriot Defence to fund programmes that help former Ukrainian soldiers and their families.
In truth, much of the burden of defending Ukraine has been taken up by volunteer initiatives; this is another way you can help meet an important need, and, SHOW YOU CARE.