Will I have to learn a new email interface or system?

Nope. Your new Statement Email has been set-up to run through your existing email system – the one you’re used to now, which means the only thing that changes is the email you choose to use at any given time.

Which web-based email services can I use to integrate my new Statement Email?

We’ve tested the big ones – Gmail, Hotmail, – and each of them support the function of allowing you the option to run an additional (and in some cases multiple) email address(es) through their interface, as long as you already have an account with them. If you are currently using a smaller web-based email service that does not allow you to manage additional email addresses through their service, there’s not much we can do about that unfortunately. What you can do however is set up an account with a service that does allow you to use a Statement Email (such as one of the three mentioned above) and you’re set. As we grow and expand, we’ll be able to confirm the easy integration and use with other less well-known web-based email service providers, so watch this space!

If I’m not using a web-based email service provider, can I still have a Statement Email?

Sure! Under the Set-up tab you’ll find the necessary details to integrate manually. If you are not sure how to go ahead, ask you IT guy for a hand – it sets up in a matter of seconds! Still not sure? Get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Will I still be able to use my old email address?

You bet! Statement Email integrates with your existing system, which means once you have your new Statement Email set up, every time you send an email you’ll have the option to choose which address it comes from – your new one or your old one.

So I won’t lose any of my old contacts?

Absolutely not. Your old contacts will always be available, regardless of which email address you choose to use at any given time.

And will I still get email on my old address as well?

Certainly. Your previous email address will run concurrently with your new Statement Email, so regardless of which email address you decide to use at any given time, you will always receive emails from both addresses.

Are the contents of my emails confidential?

Absolutely. With the way our system is set up, your email messages fly through the server in a split second. We do NOT store or record your emails for ANY period of time, nor do we have ANY access to them.

Will I receive more spam than normal if I use a Statement Email?

No. Spammers use known email addresses. At the time you set up your Statement Email it will not be on any spamming lists whatsoever. In the future, as you begin to use your Statement Email address more and more, the new address may find its way into the hands of spammers, but this is no more or less likely with a Statement Email than it would be with any other email address, including your current address. In addition, you’ll most likely be operating your Statement Email through a major email service provider, and as such their built-in spam filters usually catch the stuff you don’t want to see.

What happens if I mistype my primary email address when setting up a new Statement Email?

Well, mistakes happen. Send us a message at from the primary email account you wanted to use to set up the Statement Email and we’ll correct the mistake for you.

How can I pay for a Statement Email?

Our current payment option is Paypal, which is very easy to set up in the case you don’t currently have an account. In the coming weeks, we will have options for Visa, MasterCard, and Amazon also.

What if there is a cause I care about you don’t currently have a Statement Email for – can I make a request?

You sure can! And, in fact we hope you do! Just send us a message via the Contact Tab on the main page and we will certainly consider your request.

Am I going to enjoy using Statement Email?

You are going to LOVE it! With so many ways to express yourself using a very important tool – your email, the possibilities with which to show your support for a cause you care about are literally almost endless.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We can’t think of anything right now. Should you have more questions not listed here however just send us an e-mail at and we’ll do our best to help.